Thursday, April 23, 2015

Swing Dancing

The Laguna Middle School 8th graders have started a new unit in Physical Education. Swing dancing is a western dance that involves many individual couples. The unit is two weeks long and many are dreading the time. One eighth grader, who would like to remain anonymous, stated "I will never get these two weeks of my life back. What a waste." Both boys and girls choose their opposite gender partner creating awkward moments. In many cases, classes have more girls than boys, which results in the extra girls dancing behind a couple but with a ghost. Those lucky enough to snag partners are bombarded with either chats or silence. Teachers walk around correcting your form and staring you down. 

Teachers become strict and snappy as they correct mistakes over and over every period. One student witnessed a teacher talking to a student in front of the class, causing the student to cry. Teachers also use "volunteers" to demonstrate old or new moves. Recently two students in a row where heard telling the teacher "no" when asked to dance with him. The teacher eventually used the aide of the class because no one wanted to dance with him. I wonder what will happen with a week to go?



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