Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mousetrap Cars

On February 11, 2015 an 8th grade student walks into 4th period Science with his/her mousetrap car. Worries spread; "Will my car work?", "I hope it doesn't fall apart!", and finally "Why did I wait till the last minute?". You slide into your seat and start on the warm up. Then before you know it, it is time for the mousetrap car testing. You watch anxiously as other cars go backwards, don't move at all, go a couple of inches forward, go only the required distance, and then those that go the length of the classroom.

This is the feeling of most 8th graders around the time of the mousetrap car due date. I mousetrap car is a homemade car that is powered by a single mouse trap. When the trap snaps it pulls on the back axle to spin, this makes the wheels turn.

Mousetrap cars are a popular assignment given in physics classes and help students build problem solving skills, learn about energy efficiency, and to never procrastinate. 

Many students procrastinated on their projects though hopefully they learned their lesson when there car didn't work right. Today, February 12, 2015, is the day of the mousetrap car derby where the cars will be judged for the longest distance, the fastest, and the cutest. Good luck to all and may the best car win.


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