Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nobel Prize Horror

The 8th grade Nobel Prize has caught many students at Laguna Middle School stressed and unprepared. With the project looming on the horizon, students are frantically trying to whip together a winning presentation. One of these students is Mia, she states that “My partners and I were very prepared and started on the project early. But even this did not eliminate the stress of last minute planning and changes”. This is a theme in all of those that are well prepared. 

Many have waited till last minute only to find that catching up is nearly impossible. With presentation dates speeding towards many, will anger and drama be used as a way to vent the tension escalating in everyone? Student Emma states “I am calm regarding Nobel Prize but I see the stress building in my peers”.

Presentations started on December 10th and will continue through the 19th. With scores being dealt out many are worried about parents reactions, thus adding to the explosive tension.